Can Invisalign Really Fix My Crossbite?

Invisalign has become popular as a dental treatment in recent years. In contrast to braces, it is virtually invisible—and you can remove it too, so nothing gets stuck in them. But while braces can handle more severe dental challenges like a crossbite, can Invisalign do the same? If you have crossbite, can Invisalign really fix it?

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Can Invisalign Fix My Crossbite?

Crossbite is when some of your upper teeth rest behind your lower teeth when you close your mouth. This can cause some of your teeth to wear down, chip, or even make your gums recede, leading to gum problems and teeth pain.

You might be used to having a crossbite, but it’s definitely not healthy. Braces are not the most comfortable solution either, so you might want to rely on Invisalign to fix your teeth instead.

Invisalign Timeline

Invisalign works by providing you with subsequent clear pieces that will slowly straighten out your bite. The process will take a while, especially for something like crossbite, so you can expect it to take, at minimum, a year. At most, it might take as long as three years. However, this depends on the severity of your condition and what your orthodontist says.

To finish your treatment as soon as possible, you will need to make sure that you wear them properly as well, which means wearing them for at least 22 hours a day and cleaning them correctly before you put them back in.

How will the Process Work?

Your orthodontist will begin with a dental examination using a 3D imaging scanner, and do a physical examination to see how severe your condition is.

From here, they will be able to show you how Invisalign will transform your smile with a consultation, and provide you with a specific treatment plan. 

More Severe Cases

There are cases of crossbite that are more severe. In this case, you can still use Invisalign, but you might be using it in conjunction with another form of treatment.

You may have a quad helix expander for more moderate cases, like if you only have crossbite on just one side. The expander can help expand the upper arch while being used with Invisalign, and when your teeth are in the correct position, you can just use Invisalign alone.

There are more severe cases, which will also work by using expanders and Invisalign. This is because Invisalign alone has a hard time dealing with such conditions, but it can definitely work once the shape of your mouth is corrected.

Invisalign for Crossbite

Yes, you can use Invisalign for crossbite, although in some cases, it will depend on what type of crossbite you have. You will need to consult with your orthodontist to know whether your type of crossbite can really be fixed with Invisalign. If you happen to have a more severe case of crossbite, another treatment option may be more effective.

For the most part though, you can rely on Invisalign in some way, even if you need to use it with another treatment option. It will take some time to get your teeth straight, but you should soon have straight teeth.


Crossbite is not a comfortable condition, and may lead to future problems. Invisalign is a great option to get your teeth straightened while still being able to remove them to eat and for events. Just ask us about whether they might be the best option to deal with your specific case of crossbite. 

Author: Dr. Alan Wong
Dr. Alan Wong is a dedicated orthodontist who loves helping his patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. He is committed to providing gentle, effective care in a patient-centered environment. Dr. Wong is also a strong believer in continuing education, so he can provide his patients with the latest and greatest treatment options.