Will My Brushing Routine Change at All Once I Have Invisalign?

The big draw for Invisalign is that you can remove the trays to eat and brush your teeth—but will this affect your brushing routine at all? It might feel daunting when you first begin a new dental treatment. Invisalign doesn’t have to be too complicated, though, although you might just end up doing a little extra brushing. 

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Will My Brushing Routine Change at All Once I Have Invisalign?

Realistically, your brushing routine doesn’t have to change that much with Invisalign, but you do need to make sure that you take care of your teeth properly. This may mean a little more brushing than you’re used to.

Basic Brushing

The main advantage of Invisalign is that you can remove the trays for easy cleaning, so make sure that you actually do the cleaning!

This means brushing your teeth thoroughly after every meal if you can but at least twice a day using a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. You need to make sure to get all the surfaces of your teeth so that nothing gets stuck or trapped in the actual aligners. To this end, you might benefit from using an antibacterial mouthwash so that you can be sure you get even the small spaces in your mouth.

Overall, you’re mainly brushing normally, and you’re brushing in the same way as you would if you had braces instead. The difference is that you can remove your trays and won’t need to struggle to brush around braces.

Clean the Aligners

You need to clean the actual aligners when you’re brushing your teeth, so it might take you a little longer to brush. Take a minute to brush your aligners as well before you rinse them off and insert them back in your mouth.

You may even benefit from soaking your aligners in a cleaning crystal solution too. All they need is 15 minutes before they are completely clean.

While you have those aligners out, do remember to floss your teeth before putting them back in. This is very important to keep those trays in good shape. A good rinse of your mouth is always a good idea as well, even if you don’t have time to do a complete brush.

Continue Treatment

Those aligners can be removed, but you do need to remember not to keep them out of your mouth for longer than it takes to brush your teeth and clean the trays. To stay on track with your treatment, you need to keep those aligners on for at least 20 or 22 hours per day.

Realistically, this shouldn’t be so difficult considering that they should only be out when you eat, brush, or floss. Otherwise, it may take you longer than it should to complete your treatment.

Don’t Skip Cleanings

You should already be working with your orthodontist to get your teeth straight with Invisalign, but don’t skip your regular cleanings either. You need to make sure that your teeth are in good shape for your treatment and your aligners, which is why you will continue your regular brushing as well.

This is why regularly rinsing out your mouth, even if you can’t brush after every meal, will help your teeth stay clean and healthy.


All in all, your brushing routine does not have to change that much when you get Invisalign, and won’t be any different compared to if you had braces instead. The most important thing is to remember to brush your teeth as often as possible and do little things like rinsing your mouth if you don’t have the time to brush after every meal.

With proper care and consideration, you will be able to get your teeth straightened out right on schedule!

Author: Dr. Alan Wong
Dr. Alan Wong is a dedicated orthodontist who loves helping his patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. He is committed to providing gentle, effective care in a patient-centered environment. Dr. Wong is also a strong believer in continuing education, so he can provide his patients with the latest and greatest treatment options.