Everything you need to know about adult braces

Even as an adult, people tend to look a lot at your smile, whether you’re at work, out with friends, or are heading out on a date. It’s never too late to improve your smile, but you don’t have to be doomed to those super obvious braces that are common for kids. Now, you get so many new options for braces on the market. With new options, there’s also a lot more to know before you get your adult braces.

Types of Braces

Basically, you have three main types of braces: metal, ceramic, and Invisalign. The metal ones are the traditional ones that tend to be a little heavier, but they’re sturdy. As an adult, you may not want these braces only because they’re very noticeable. They also mean that you can’t eat certain kinds of foods.


Know that there are tons of discreet options for braces now. You don’t need to have those huge metal brackets on your teeth, or those heavy wires either. You can choose the ceramic option that’s much less visible, or you can go for removable aligners if you really don’t want it to be obvious. This means that you won’t have to go to a business meeting or talk to a client with huge metal braces on your teeth.

Treatment Time

Pick out your braces option depending on the treatment time you’re looking for, although ultimately, treatment time will always vary depending on the person. If your teeth are a little bit more crooked, it will take longer for the braces to correct them no matter which type of brace you pick. Talk to your orthodontist about which type may work faster or better for your specific situation.

Pain Level

It doesn’t matter which type of brace you choose: you’ll feel some pain. The pain level may depend on what type you choose though, since aligners tend to straighten your teeth more gradually, like metal braces are a little more intense for some people. There is no painless option, however, so don’t let that deter you.

Brace Care

As an adult, you won’t want to refuse certain foods or give up your favorite foods either. You also may not want to have to struggle with cleaning out metal wires. That’s why you may prefer an option like Invisalign that will straighten your teeth without being noticeable or limiting your food options.


Your results will be permanent, but know that no matter which type of braces you choose, you will need to wear some kind of retainer in the evenings. This will keep your teeth from shifting around again as the years pass.

You have a lot of options when it comes to your choice of adult braces. Put your best smile forward with your preferred option that will make your teeth look even better and that brightens your smile. It all comes down to which choice will be best for you.