How to choose the perfect type of braces for your child

In the past, there was only one kind of braces. Nowadays, there are so many options when it comes to your child’s braces. All of them are made to help your child have a healthy bite, but that doesn’t mean that all braces are made the same. Different kinds of braces have different responsibility levels, work for different children, and ultimately, give your child a different experience. Let’s dive deeper into how to choose the perfect type of braces for your child.

Metal Braces

Today’s metal braces are far different than the old metal ones from decades ago. Metal braces are usually less intrusive and less noticeable than they used to be, with smaller brackets, lighter materials used. They feature many different colored ties that your child can use to customize their braces.

These are great just because of how sturdy they are, so they’re less likely to break even if your child eats something tough. Your child can customize them too, but of course, these braces are far more recognizable.

Ceramic Braces

There are also ceramic braces, which use a wire and bracket system, but they’re far less noticeable. This is because they’re made of clear material that blends in with your teeth but that’s still durable and strong, not to mention comfortable.

Since these braces are clear though, they can stain if your child eats certain foods and drinks and don’t properly clean them. They are also easier to break.

Clear Aligners

Finally, we have clear aligners like Invisalign that are very hard to notice. Your orthodontist will help customize a plan for you to gradually straighten your teeth. All your child has to do is slip in a new aligner once every two weeks and wear it all day except when they’re eating and brushing their teeth.

Your child might like these if they don’t want their aligners to be noticed or if they’re feeling self-conscious. It helps that these are easy to slip out too, although if your child has a tendency to lose things or forget things, they may just forget their aligners after eating one day.

Tips for Choosing

So, which option should you choose? It does depend on your child. Think about your child’s responsibility level. Will they really remember to wear an Invisalign for 22 hours a day? Or do you think they’ll forget to place them back in after they eat?

You should also think about the actual foods your child will be able to eat. With metal or ceramic braces, your child cannot eat certain tough foods, but if they’ll forget an Invisalign option, it might be best to choose metal.

Of course, then there’s preference. Your child, or teen, may want something more discreet and that they won’t have to see in every picture of their childhood. Something removable also might be good if your child is in sports and needs to keep them safe during a game.

Choosing your child’s braces can take time since not all braces are the same. It comes down to what you think your child can handle, what they prefer, and which braces will work best for them. Talk to them about their options and bring your orthodontist in on the conversation too before you choose the type your child will like.