Do Clear Aligners Have Other Health Benefits Beyond Straightening Teeth?

A straight smile is worth it all on its own, but many people wonder if clear aligners come with other health benefits they may not be aware of.

Just like crooked or improperly aligned teeth can have a negative impact on your overall health, clear aligners can not only straighten your teeth but also provide additional overall health benefits.

When you use clear aligners, you’ll benefit from numerous health benefits in addition to straight teeth. Here are some of benefits of clear aligners

Improved Gum Health

Your gums are supposed to ‘hug’ your teeth, but when your teeth aren’t straight, there are gaps or spaces where bacteria and food can hide. Once bacteria and food get in these spaces, it can be challenging to get them out, leading to red, inflamed gums.

Straight teeth will reduce your risk of gum disease by making it easier to brush away food and bacteria. With a lowered risk of disease and irritation, you’ll benefit from overall improved gum health.

Better Oral Hygiene

Most people don’t enjoy flossing, but flossing crooked teeth is even harder and less enjoyable. Crooked teeth can also prevent toothbrush bristles from reaching all the nooks and crannies of your teeth, increasing the risk of disease and poor oral hygiene.

Clear aligners work to straighten your teeth, making oral hygiene easier than ever. Without having to twist and turn, you’ll be able to take care of your mouth: teeth, gum, and all. 

Treat Bruxism

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can be very damaging for your jaw and teeth and is often caused by poorly aligned teeth. Realigning your teeth and protecting them with clear aligners will help treat bruxism and leave your mouth and jaw in better shape.

Clear aligners may not break your teeth-grinding habit, but they can help alleviate the issues the bruxism causes, such as teeth fractures, worn-off enamel, and tooth loss. They’ll also reduce the causes of bruxism, making it more likely for you to break the habit in the future.

Improved Bite

Your bite is essential not just for eating but also for your jaw and oral health. When you have a bad bite, whether it’s an overbite or an underbite, you are at a higher risk of jaw joint problems, loss of teeth, and tooth decay. 

When clear aligners straighten your teeth, they also improve your bite. Your teeth and bite will become aligned, and you’ll feel the change.

Less Pain

When you have teeth that are crooked or misaligned, it’s easy for food and bacteria to slip between them and start to rot. As rot builds up between your teeth, you’ll have toothaches or other gum pain until you get the issue resolved.

Clear aligners will straighten your teeth, making it harder for food and bacteria to hide and easier for you to brush them away, reducing the risk of rot and decay and lessening the painful symptoms that come with it.


Clear aligners are often touted as a way to straighten teeth and give you a beautiful smile, but they do so much more than just align your teeth! Clear aligners can help fix a myriad of issues that have much more lasting effects than just a crooked smile.

With time and patience, clear aligners can improve your health in numerous ways and help you live a happier, healthier life. Call us today to get started on your clear aligner journey and enjoy other health benefits!

Author: Dr. Alan Wong
Dr. Alan Wong is a dedicated orthodontist who loves helping his patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. He is committed to providing gentle, effective care in a patient-centered environment. Dr. Wong is also a strong believer in continuing education, so he can provide his patients with the latest and greatest treatment options.